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I’m Heidi, a small town Indiana girl that made her way to Baltimore and became a teacher. On the days I felt burned out in the classroom, I turned to art as a creative outlet. The final products-- cards and stationery.

Six years later, I moved on from the classroom to design and make cards full time from my home studio in my historic Baltimore row house. I never thought that something I did to keep a creative energy going would turn into my job, but over the years Row House 14 has grown, expanding into a light filled studio in Baltimore’s historic Woodberry neighborhood.

Working creatively with my hands is incredibly fulfilling for me. I also find importance in using recycled and sustainable paper and products for the end results. I want my business to not only bring happiness to others, but to be an extension of my own lifestyle from the day to day, so that includes being environmentally conscious while still providing an incredibly high quality product.