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The Real Reason

Heidi Shenk "Finn"

We didn't decide to turn our spare bedroom into a studio and reading room for any old reason. Sure, working on stationery, cards, and architectural drawings in a dingy basement is certainly not good for getting the creative juices flowing. And curling up in a comfy chair in a bright, sunny room is the best way to indulge in a good book. But I forgot to tell you the real reason we decided to make this room what it is. Maybe it's not my reason, but Finn would sure like to argue that it's the best reason. I mean, with sun like this and comfy chairs with lots of pillows and cozy blankets, the real reason was for Finn to have an excellent napping place.

It's no secret that this is his new favorite place in the entire house. And with cute little paws like that it's hard to think his reasoning about our studio space is wrong. Has he convinced you? ;)

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Merry Christmas!

Heidi Shenk "Christmas" "Finn" "Lilah"

While our plan is to have a lazy morning with coffee, cinnamon rolls, and presents followed by an afternoon with family, I hope you to have a very Merry Christmas! Here are some of our own festivities we've added to our house (and lazy animals too).

We found a nest in our Christmas tree! A year of good luck!

Finn just couldn't help but play with the ornaments!

Cat streeeeeetch.

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Jack O Lanterns

Heidi Shenk "Finn" "Halloween"

I may be a few days late, but none the less wanted to share our fun evening pumpkin carving. Sunday night, we finally decided to carve our pumpkins that we'd picked from our pumpkin and apple picking adventure. We found a few printable stencils online and used those for our designs. I chose a cat and Andrew chose a bat. Both turned out pretty awesome and were complimented by our many trick or treaters.

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A Weekend of Relaxation

Heidi Shenk "Baltimore" "Finn" "outdoors"

This weekend was completely relaxing. Nothing crazy that needed to be done and minimal work on the fence. Andrew finished up what needed to be done last weekend, so he spent some time making a tree planter box and a storage box out of left over cedar. The tree box will go in the front of the house and we hope to get a magnolia or cherry blossom to plant in it. The search for the tree will begin next weekend.

With some cooler, less humid weather on Friday and Saturday we were able to spend time outside in the evening. We enjoyed grilled squash, sweet potato, and sausage on Friday night and ate on the deck with our fun little lanterns.

And it wouldn't be summer in Baltimore without enjoying a good ol' Natty Boh. And by that, I mean, nearly a whole case of these somehow ended up in our fridge after someone was a little overzealous with buying beer for their softball game. And just to hint, that someone wasn't me. Not my first beer of choice ever, but if you live in Baltimore it's just one of those things you learn to like no matter how watery it may be. :)

So the weekend is over, but for me the relaxation continues because of summer break. It is an especially relaxing morning as I am without this little guy who was dropped off at the vet this morning for his little snip-snip surgery. So Lilah is asleep instead of the two rough-housing this morning.

So instead of me chasing animals around this morning, I have been given the opportunity to get some work done earlier in the morning and enjoy my coffee just a little bit longer.

What weekend activities did you enjoy? Hopefully it was just as relaxing as mine!

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Kitten in a Sink

Heidi Shenk "Finn"

Found these videos from the night we brought Finn home. Don't mind Lilah panting in the background of the first clip-- don't worry it grosses me out too. Happy Friday!

(click and hit space bar to play, if you're having difficulties!)

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