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Oh, Deer!

Heidi Shenk "road trip"

As you may know, we love our road trips. Maybe we like them just a little too much. We've had about the best luck we could possibly imagine on our multitude of trips. And by good luck, I mean bad. Tornadoes, blizzards, you name it, we've experienced it while on the road.

We hit the road again, with Lilah in tow in the back seat, on Thanksgiving day to head up to Andrew's parents' house in Cleveland. We thought we were in the clear and were complete geniuses for leaving on Thursday morning rather than Wednesday night when everyone else would be traveling. Clearly, a beautiful sunny day and hardly any cars on the road spelled 0% chance of disaster. Boy were we wrong!

Enter six, seven, or eight friendly little deer. We weren't quite sure how many after the fact because they just kept coming and coming and coming. Kind of like how the clowns keep filing out of the clown car, the deer just kept crossing the road in front of us as we were barreling down the Pennsylvania Turnpike at 70 mph. Good thing Andrew swerved. Oh wait, you mean you're not supposed to swerve? Ooops.

Well, good thing anyway because he was able to maintain control of the car with his superhuman strength, manage to miss the concrete median to the left of us, and hit the smallest of the six, seven, or eight deer. Because only we are that awesome and have this kind of luck, after Andrew pulled off the the side of the turnpike to assess the damage, we looked up to notice that the whole incident happened right next to a Pennsylvania State Trooper station. A PA state trooper was on hand within seconds to write up a report for our insurance company. And, despite it all, this is what the car looked like after the fact.

Another lucky factor? Despite seeing Lilah flying and flailing through the air in the back seat during this whole event, she was quite fine and forgot the whole thing a mere fifteen minutes later when we were able to get back on the road. What a resilient pup!
Needless to say, we're quite thankful that nothing worse happened after all was said and done. And we are also left wondering what else could possibly happen to us while we're on the road. I mean, haven't we finally experienced it all by now? Who knows. Guess we'll find out as we're heading back on the road to Baltimore at the very moment you are probably reading this.

Do you have any crazy road trip stories or are we the only unlucky ones? I'd love to know!

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