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Kraft and Chevron

Heidi Shenk "cards" "chevrons" "design" "kraft" "stationery"

With autumn slowly making its way closer, I've designed a few things that remind me a bit of fall. For whatever reason, kraft seems to be appropriate. I think it's because of its raw and natural appearance. I'm still not quite over chevrons so I included both in a few recent designs.

I think it's safe to say I have a few new favorites.

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Chevron Love

Heidi Shenk "chevrons" "design" "home"

I have been obsessed with chevrons as of late. You may have noticed by after I made these, these, and this. I just love the bold pattern statement. Even if the colors aren't bright to go along with the bold pattern, that boldness still is there. So I decided to check out some other things of the chevron variety.

via Wit and Whistle

via Puffed Peonies

via Tatibu

via Nena Von

via Jill Rosenwald

via DIY tutorial from Twice Lovely

via Jonathan Adler
What is it about that chevron? I just love it! What sorts of chevron inspired items are you lusting after lately?

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Design a Day Challenge: Day 26

Heidi Shenk "cards" "challenge" "chevrons" "design a day" "design" "stationery"

For day 26, I've come back down to earth and have moved away from the holiday season. After all, it is July. July means summer, which means bright bold colors. I think this chevron design does the trick.

These bold ones are square note cards and super heavy weight linen card stock. I rounded the corners to add a little more fun to them. Lastly, I designed them in four fun color combos. Now if that isn't a return to summer from my little vacation to Christmas, then I don't know what is!

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Design a Day Challenge: Day 2

Heidi Shenk "cards" "chevrons" "design a day" "design" "stationery" "summer"

I love one of fun and often bright trends that has been out and about these days-- chevrons. So for day two of my challenge, I whipped up some bright ombre style chevrons with colors that were almost waiting for a summer day like today. A light gray and classic font in capitals finished these flat stationery note cards off.

I think I've found a new fave (but don't I always say that?). What sorts of chevrons and stripes have you been craving these days?

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