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First Thursday with The Dirty Guv'nahs and The Bridge

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Every first Thursday of the month during the summer season, there is a free concert at the park in Mount Vernon hosted by quite frankly the best radio station ever, WTMD. This is one of the things I can add to my list of reasons as to why Baltimore is such a great city. People just getting out of work pop by the park, find a spot to sit with their blankets and lawn chairs, and enjoy their picnics, food truck delicacies, or brews from The Brewer's Art stand nearby. And it is inevitable that you always bump into other people you know, setting a wonderful social atmosphere-- almost like a big summer party.

This was an especially fantastic First Thursday this month because Baltimore's The Bridge was playing. Earlier, they had announced that they were calling it quits after ten years, so we wanted to be sure not to miss any chances to see them. The progressive bluegrass/jam band, as I like to categorize them (or sometimes I call them bluegrass on steroids), certainly didn't disappoint. They were greeted by a very appreciative crowd that sang and danced the whole way through the set, appropriately saving Bury My Bones in Baltimore for their encore.

In addition to The Bridge who closed out the night, we were pleasantly surprised by the band that played before-- The Dirty Guv'nahs. Based out of Knoxville, Tennessee, "The Guvs," certainly proved worthy, and I'll soon be making a trip to The Sound Garden in search of an album. Pure rock and roll and a bit of Americana mixed in is what The Dirty Guv'nahs had to offer, and I was more than happy to listen and enjoy.

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Just for the record...

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Just for the record, in case you didn't know, I love music.  Oh, and I also make cards. Today I was doing both and came up with these fun ones that'd be perfect for any serious music lover! I was listening to Baltimore based band The Bridge this morning while sipping away at my coffee, of course! And as I begin designing, I came up with this sort of High Fidelity-like design. Why High Fidelity, you might ask? Well simply because Rob, the main character, is obsessed with vinyl and music-- a music snob at the least. Plus, High Fidelity is only my favorite book and only written by my favorite author, Nick Hornby. And so it is, my favorite design of the moment was created.

Now to go back to another important item on the list. I mentioned listening to The Bridge. I had not listened to them a whole lot-- only here and there. However, they are expecting a new album out on February 1st and they have been getting all sorts of airplay on my favorite radio station WTMD. So naturally I wanted to check out the album. The new album is called National Bohemian, no doubt after Natty Boh, our beloved Baltimore beer. It is produced by Steve Berlin of Los Lobos, another fabulous band that is an absolute must to include in your music repertoire. Currently, The Bridge are streaming the full album on their website. Enjoy!

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