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Blog — "Presidents' Day"

Happy Presidents' Day

Heidi Shenk "holiday" "Presidents' Day"

How do you get back into blogging after leaving your readers hanging for an entire week? By nerding it up big time and talking about cool presidents. I just can't quite help it. I teach U.S. History and get into this kind of stuff, and since I'm at home on my butt instead of teaching today I thought I'd share some silly little things about U.S. Presidents.

Bill Clinton is my favorite President from my lifetime. He may be a player, but he's a player that can reverse the national debt. And as far as smarts go, he's one of the most fascinating people to listen to talk about current day politics. I always make sure to tune in when he's got an interview somewhere on tv-- this guy still knows his stuff.

Do you know Grover Cleveland? I like this guy only because he's got a pretty neat thing to boast about. He's the only President to have had two terms that weren't back to back. That means that people must have hated him enough to give Benjamin Harrison a go, but then realized that even he wasn't as Benjamin Harrison. So they let him come back for a second term. (That's how I like to imagine it went down, but then again, I'm probably wrong.) Another interesting fact? This guy was a bachelor-- and the White House, I must say, is one pretty big bachelor pad. But not for long. He's the only President to have gotten married while in office.

How about Rutherford B. Hayes, on the grounds that he knew the beard would be in before Brett Keisel.

Without Teddy Roosevelt, we wouldn't have the National Parks we do today. So I'm pretty thankful for that considering my love for the National Parks!

And what about a shout out for James Garfield and William McKinley, the other two Presidents that were assassinated. We all know about Lincoln and JFK, but most Americans probably don't even know that these guys had a similar fate.

Happy Presidents' Day to you all! Hope you have a day off to enjoy! And P.S. don't forget to join me tomorrow for my Tuesday Music Link-up Party! The topic is favorite Grammy artists from past or present.

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