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Make It ::: Two-Toned Wooden Studs

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Hello Monday and week two of our grand adventure out west! We've made it to the Tetons in Wyoming and they are ever so gorgeous! I wouldn't want to leave you all hanging so I have something extra special for you today. Stela from Stelabird is sharing one of her fabulous Make It posts that she has created just for you fabulous readers (and I'm pretty sure I need to make these. I actually have the supplies written down on a list at the moment!). Stela is one of my favorite bloggers and is pretty much all around fabulous, and most of the time I drool over her little shop in Oklahoma. Please do go visit her blog! So without further ado...
Hi Row House 14 readers!  I'm Stela from the blog Stelabird and I'm so happy to be visiting here and sharing a DIY project with you!  Today I'm sharing with you how to make these two-toned wooden stud earrings! These were inspired by Kate Spade's Rosewood Dot earrings. They are simple and fun to make. Plus, they are super cool.
Let's get started! You will need: acrylic paint  paint brush glue  masking tape wood dowel caps earring posts    Put your masking tape on the dowel cap where one half is completely covered and the other half is exposed. Paint the exposed piece of wood.  Let it dry and paint a second or third coat if needed.  Peel off the tape carefully once the paint has dried.  Now it's time to add the earring posts! Add a dab of glue to your post and attach to the bottom of your dowel cap. If you're using E-6000 glue let it dry for 24 hours for maximum hold.  Ta daaa!! You're done and now you have some sweet earrings to sport!  I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial! To see more of my Make It post, click HERE. Thank you so much for having me Heidi! 

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