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It's that time of year again when I sadly say goodbye to another calendar. Oh calendar, you were so full of beautiful photos of national parks. Or, oh calendar, you were so pretty and made me feel like I truly was walking the streets of Paris. It is a sad time. When I was a little girl, I would cut out my favorites of the picture and photos to hang on my bedroom wall, not quite ready to give up our year long relationship. As an adult, I've found I am able to move on much more easily, knowing that another fantastic calendar will soon get some good use. Here are a look at some of my favorites for 2013.

While I really enjoy a beautiful wall calendar, I also really love agenda type calendars. I am a list maker and primarily use agendas to organize my lists of things to be done. They also help me plan for the future.

I love this idea of a notebook a month as a less traditional form of an agenda.
I also love the simple and contemporary design of this agenda.

Are you a calendar kind of person? What are some of your favorites that you have been eying for 2013?

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2012 Calendars

Heidi Shenk "calendar" "Etsy"

With 2011 nearing an end, I started thinking about one of my favorite necessities for a new year-- the calendar. Throughout most of my life, and still even today, my mom gives me a new calendar each year at Christmas. I always looked forward to it because I enjoyed idea of starting fresh each year with a clean slate to jot down reminders. In fact, our current calendar is a gift from my parents-- one that my dad made in iPhoto using photos they took during their many travels in France.

My mom used to hang her calendars in the kitchen and so naturally I keep mine there as well. The kitchen often is the central part of our house where we congregate since food is an important aspect of my life. So having the calendar there just seems to make sense. As we work our way through a month's time, the calendar usually quickly fills up with little scribbles of writing here and there reminding us of important dates, vacations, events, and appointments.

After browsing Etsy over the past few weeks, I've come to find that there are some amazing artists that have created some fantastic calendars. This is what I found--

via Made by Michelle Brusegaard
via Fine Day Press
via Pam Lostracco
via blueorder
via dekanimal
via Khristian A. Howell
Each of these calendars is absolutely fantastic! Which is your favorite? Do you rely on calendars like I do?

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