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Dog Party with a Telephone Book

Heidi Shenk "Lilah"

The title tells all, my friends. Lilah has a phone book fetish. We don't even choose to keep phone books in our house, but once or twice a year they show up on our stoop. What do we do with the phone book? Put it in with the paper recyclables. However, Lilah sniffs them out. She waits until the next day and gives that poor phone book the time of its life. Last week was no exception. When I got home from school on Thursday, a phone book was waiting for me on my stoop. When I got home from school on Friday, a phone book was waiting for me on my living room floor.

And then. Then! The criminal returned to the scene of the crime to chew on the few scraps I had not yet had a chance to clean up! The audacity!

Don't mind me, mama, I'm just chewing on some more phone book. Nothing to see here.

Oh Lilah, how difficult you make my life at times. Yet at the same time, she's a hunk-a-hunk-a-80-pounds of sweet love. Remember the time the breeder said she would take after her dad and be on the smaller side instead of taking after her mom and be on the bigger side? Whoops. Guess she was wrong.

Anyway.... just in case you don't quite believe me about how much of a fetish this truly is for Lilah, I thought I'd include this little party she had several years ago in our old apartment.

Mmmm hmmmm. That Lab sure does like her phone books.

That's my cue to stop while I'm ahead with the phone book madness and introduce you to someone you should get to know.

Meet Brittany from Where My Soul Belongs.

Some things you should know about Brittany. First of all, she is amazing because she has passed the Bar Exam. And if that isn't enough, she is even more amazing because she just finished taking the Bar Exam AGAIN. Holy moly people! I have several friends that have taken the Bar Exam in the past few years and it is the mother of all exams. Big props there!

When Brittany isn't practicing law, she blogs about instant classics like the time she found out she was allergic to mascara. And my most recently fave? This post about $5 MP3 albums. How did I not know this people? Am I the only one that didn't know about this? Either way, I'm excited to have Brittany as a sponsor this month and would be super happy if you would go check her out. And by check her out, I mean, check out her blog.

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A Dog Party

Heidi Shenk "Baltimore" "Lilah"

We spent a good few hours on Sunday taking Lilah with us to the Maryland SPCA March for the Animals. A friend of our had invited us to be part of their group and so of course we couldn't say no. As we pulled up to the park where the event was taking place, Lilah could see the hundreds of dogs and was so excited. She could not wait to get out of the car to meet some new friends. It truly was a dog party. We enjoyed a mile and a half walk around the old reservoir and said hi to many, many other canine friends. Meanwhile, I took advantage of the beautiful day to capture a few new photos of our pretty pup.

And after a fun-filled afternoon, Lilah spent the evening napping. A tired pup is most definitely a happy pup.

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Weekend Wrap Up

Heidi Shenk "Finn" "Lilah"

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend! I'm glad to say that despite it being Monday, I'm still on Spring Break! I know, some of you probably would rather be in the same boat as me seeing how Mondays can be rough. However, it was a rough week last week. Without going out of town for break, and with a deadline looming over Andrew's head at work, I didn't get to do too many spring break like things. Most nights he got home around 9pm leaving us with only a few short hours to spend together.

I tried to make the most of it anyway, knowing that this weekend would probably be more fun than the week. We spent the afternoon at the greenhouse on Saturday.

I made these delicious marble squares. You can head over to Yellow Bird, Yellow Beard, where Janee has been so kind to let me share this very recipe! :)

Saturday night, we enjoyed a fire pit on our back patio.

Sunday, we decorated Easter eggs, something that both of us hadn't done in ages!

And Lilah was happy to have both of us around.

While Finn remained his weird self, being content taking a nap in the dish drainer.

How was your weekend? How did you spend your Easter Sunday?

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Happy Hour at Home

Heidi Shenk "cuisine" "food" "Lilah"

What better way to enjoy a Friday evening at home on the roof top deck with your own little happy hour. While it's fun to meet up with friends after a long work week, sometimes it's more enjoyable to kick back and relax. And that is just what we did this weekend. On the menu was homemade crostini and crab dip, a black bean salad with tortilla chips, and a couple of home brews. A pup by our side and a chance to enjoy the sunset over Baltimore City made this may favorite part of our weekend.

What was your favorite part of the weekend?

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Hello Spring

Heidi Shenk "Baltimore" "Lilah" "spring"

I love spring in Baltimore. Between fall and spring in this city, it is so hard to choose which I like better. Both provide beautifully temperate weather in the 70s, sunshine, and low humidity. When March rolls around, one day will suddenly jump from temperatures in the 40s to temperatures in the 70s and then there is no looking back. It happens just like that. And the best part? We get to enjoy this beautiful weather for about three months before the dog days of summer arrive.

Spring also means time on our roof top deck in the evenings with great views of Patterson Park and the rest of the city.

And it means lots of outdoor time for Lilah. Even she likes to spend time up on the deck where she can sniff out the neighborhood smells and talk to her dog friends down the block.

And along with the time spent on the deck also comes longer walks in the park, grilling on our (now usable!) patio, and general relaxation outdoors. Have you been enjoying beautiful weather like we have in Baltimore? What are some of your favorite activities to do once the weather warms up?

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