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10 Happy Things

Heidi Shenk

As fall weather has been creeping in, I've been getting the itch to blog more frequently again. I think once the colder air arrives, I start thinking about cozier alternatives to being outdoors. I was pondering over what I should write about while reading blogs this morning, and stumbled across a happy list from Betsy. While reading, I thought that this would be the perfect start to blogging again, and then, low and behold, Betsy had tagged me to write a similar post. She must have been reading my mind. So here we are-- my ten happy things.


1 / Writing and sending snail mail to four people yesterday-- and the Barnum & Bailey stamps that I used.

2 / Sunset walks along the water with Andrew, Lilah, and her tennis ball.

3 / Creative business brainstorms via text with my sister.

4 / The smell of hops that took over our kitchen last night, while prepping our batch of home brew for fermentation round two.

5 / Home canned pasta sauce on spaghetti for dinner. It's like summer in a jar!

6 / Post-season baseball. Specifically, Orioles post-season baseball, and the fact that we have tickets for at least one playoff game.

7 / Open windows in the house all day and all night.

8 / My birthday next week, also known as the first day of autumn.

9 / Indulging in The Roosevelts the night we got our new tv antenna, and then forgetting all over again that we have a tv.

10 / Fells Point in the late morning quiet and sunshine.


What are your current happy things? I'd love to read about them in your own blog post or in the comments below!

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