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Heidi Shenk

I am writing today from my heart. Over the course of the last few days, we have seen political leaders in our nation change from an administration full of empathy, kindness, and caring for our fellow citizens to one that pushes hate and seeks to strip away our basic human rights.

As I reflected on the events of the past few days, I thought about how I could make an impact through my art. I started designing greeting cards as a way for people to connect with each other-- something that is intrinsically human. We seek other people in times of happiness and in times of despair, and when written word makes it to our mailboxes, we connect with that in a way that is different than any text message, Facebook post, or email.

Right now, we need that written word more than ever as we reach out to those who are governing to make choices that support each and every one of us rather than build walls, whether figuratively or literally. As I thought about how important it is that we contact our Senators and Representatives and let our voices be heard, I realized that I could share my art in that way. #PostcardsForAction is an initiative to let our Senators and Representatives know that our rights as humans will not be oppressed and is a call to action to stand up for these basic rights.

Here's how you can join me in taking action:

1. Make a small donation and receive either 3 or 6 #PostcardsForAction. For a $5 donation, you will receive two Senator and one Representative postcards. For a $10 donation, you will receive four Senator and two Representative postcards so both you and a friend can write together. 100% of net proceeds from your donation will go directly to the ACLU.

2. Write to your Senators and Representative. I will ship your #PostcardsForAction shortly after I receive your donation. You will receive a notification when they are on their way. When they arrive, write! You can find addresses for the Senators and Representatives at the respective links.

3. Spread the word! Share your postcards on social media using #PostcardsForAction to help get the word out to others. Send this blog post to friends and family or share it on social media. The more people that hear about #PostcardsForAction, the better-- it increases the written demand to our Senators and Representatives for action as well as the donation made to the ACLU.

The time for action is now. I hope you will join me in these steps as we fight for our human rights and make our voices heard.

With hope and love,


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