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A Tacky Christmas Decoration Round-Up

Heidi Shenk "holiday"

I have been MIA for a few days here. In the event that you were wondering where I was, I've been diligently researching today's post which you will most likely thank me for. Due to popular demand I have decided that the tacky Christmas decorations post must happen after all. There were just too many tacky Christmas decorations that needed to come out of the woodwork. And if you happen to have any of these little gems, I apologize. Really, I do. I apologize mostly for the fact that you have these hideous items in your house. And I apologize just a tad in the event that I am making fun of one of your beloved Christmas decorations. Without further ado...

We all love M&Ms around the holiday season, but is it really necessary to pair the green M&M with frilly pink and then pretend she is a nutcracker?
I love my cat Finn, but not enough to hang this on his collar or on our Christmas tree.
I don't even have a witty caption for this one. It just freaks me out. It sort of reminds me of something my grandma might have in her house. And apparently it plays music too. The crazy part is that it sells for $45!
Usually Target is right on target if you know what I mean, but this is Mrs. Claus meets Bubble Boy or something. I actually sort of feel bad for her that she's trapped in there!
And of course, my favorite has been saved for last. Nothing says "Merry Christmas" more than a deer-hunter Santa. Hide your eyes children because apparently Santa is hunting his reindeer? I thought Santa liked deer. Maybe that was just some sort of made up thing that I just happened to hear once long ago. Thank you Wal-Mart for allowing Andrew and me to laugh so hard we almost peed our pants while we looked at this for five minutes straight.
I hope you had a good laugh as well. And I hope I won't be seeing any of these tackilicious nuggets of gold when I visit your house for the holidays.

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