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An Update

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I've been trying to do better with updating this dear old blog more frequently. I was a self-proclaimed success after a post on Monday and Tuesday. Two days in a row-- success indeed! I've also been super busy with new designs and trying to get them into the shop. I spent a larger portion of last weekend printing, editing, and photographing some of my latest cards. I feel as though I've had a plethora of creative ideas, but having the time to get the final product into the shop has been a challenge. In addition, to a few new items that I wanted to share today, I have some new holiday cards and Thanksgiving cards that will soon be listed as well. But for now, I'll share with you some of my newest favorites.

My latest anniversary card may or may not be from similar personal experience.

I love the fine print on this one. Not going to lie-- I may have felt a little old this year on my birthday. Only one year away from the big 3-0 is kind of crazy!

A few people suggested that I make some fun cards with no occasion in mind. This is one of my favorites as a result of that suggestion.

I love the simplicity of this love card. Reminds me of those grade school crushes.

What creative endeavors have you been working on lately?

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