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Apple Picking

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Apple Picking

On Saturday, temperatures dipped below 70 during the day and a crisp and fresh breeze beckoned us outside to enjoy the entrance of fall. We headed to Larriland Farm to stock up on apples for our next canning adventure. There is something rather happy about mingling with others amongst apple trees, people peeking out from their tall branches, hoping to reach high enough for the perfect apple. Everyone is jovial, a bit romantic, and even a tad nostalgic while enjoying a beautiful fall day.

Apple Picking Apple Picking apple picking apple picking apple picking apple picking apple picking apple picking

We picked Ida Red, Golden Delicious, Mutsu, and Red Delicious while munching on a few here and there. And when our bags were full we headed back to our car, bellies full and ready to can homemade applesauce. We were delighted by the size of the orchard and farm, and made one last unexpected stop to pick some cauliflower, spinach, and raspberries before heading home.

Do you enjoy apple picking? What did you do this weekend?

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