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Back to School

Heidi Shenk "etsy shop" "pencils"

This is the first time in many years that I am not going back to school. Before, I was either a student or a teacher. I cannot even begin to explain how freeing it is to watch others get ready for another school year, while I know that I just simply don't have to do that. It became increasingly apparent that I was loving this little fact yesterday as I met up with two former co-workers for lunch. Seeing their stress about getting back to school made me realize just how relaxed I am and how happy I am that I'm not heading back. That being said, my mind was still a little on the topic of back to school as I had requests for back to school pencils. I just wanted to pop in briefly to show you two sets that are currently available in my shop.

While I have probably seemed to be obsessed with pencils these days, I promise that I have some other new cards in the works that will be making their way into the shop. I also promise that I'll be back tomorrow with a post that doesn't promote my shop. Stay tuned if you like seeing awesome transformations of rooms.... ;)

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