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Basil Infused Gin

Heidi Shenk food & drink recipe

Basil Infused Gin

While taking a break in Philadelphia a few weekends ago, we ate dinner at Stateside in South Philly. They had amazing cocktails, one that featured a basil infused gin. In the summer, I love beer, but in the winter, I prefer wine and cocktails, preferably something gin based. With several stalks of fresh basil left in my garden, I decided to infuse my own gin with the hopes of capturing that summery flavor for the colder months ahead.

Basil Infused Gin

What you'll need:

  • one pint sized canning jar with a lid
  • enough fresh basil to lightly pack into the jar
  • 1 1/2 cups gin of your choice (I used my old standby Tanqueray)

Pluck the whole leaves of basil from their stalks and place them in the canning jar, lightly packing them. Be careful not to muddle or tear the leaves, as this can result in the gin turning to a brown color. Pour the gin over the basil, seal the jar, and gently shake the jar a few times. Infuse the basil between 48 hours and a week, based on your preference, gently shaking once a day. After fully infused, remove the basil and enjoy!

Basil Infused Gin Basil Infused Gin

Have you made any infused spirits? What is your favorite base for cocktail drinks?

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