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Card-Folding Interns and Buttheads

Heidi Shenk

Let's talk about how I've been a little absent in this blog world lately. How I'm not going to apologize because I was kicking some ass while I was gone. I just happened to notice that I have some new readers, so it only seemed fair that I give them a blog post so they don't have to return to my stuffed peppers recipe on the daily and wish that they hadn't followed my blog after all.

So hi, new readers! I am happy to have you and I promise I am normally more entertaining. However, like I was saying, I was busy kicking some ass. And by kicking some ass, I mean making Valentine's Day cards like nobody's business AND baking cookies as if there was a chocolate chip surplus. You see, I needed to finish all of my ridiculous amounts of cute butt orders, but I also needed to make 12 dozen cookies for my students for their middle school dance. And it needed to happen in one night.

How do I manage to pull this off, you might ask? I decided to hire my trusty card-folding intern, Andrew.
He folded cards and I baked cookies. And then he still folded cards and I made more cards. I'm lucky he decided to come back to work for my design firm after I was a total butthead to him the other night. I was tired, cranky, and just wanted to sleep and he messed up the tiniest thing. So I was a butthead. Plus, considering that I stole his copyrighted design, I'm surprised he was willing to sign a new contract. Apparently 25 cents per card idea was not enough, so I upped it to 26 cents. His wallet will be padded in no time.

By now, you all are wondering what I'm talking about and wish you hadn't followed because you think I am crazy. Trust me, it gets better. Remember that copyrighted design I was talking about? Well it just so happens that my card-folding intern was a butthead to me a few nights ago. He decided to apologize with this beautiful specimen.
That P.S. You do cards way better part was a challenge. When I was a butthead to my card-folding intern the next night, it only seemed appropriate that I take him up on his challenge and follow up with this:
Some of you may realize that I have a history with fart cards. I mean, let's face it, farts are kind of funny. You know I couldn't pass up a great opportunity to put a farting butt on a head. This bad boy will in fact be making an appearance in the shop--- for real.

And now that I've lost all of my new readers because they think I am gross, I should probably conclude this wonderful post by letting you all know that I actually have a winner of a giveaway from last week. I was supposed to announce this on Wednesday, but you all now know why that didn't happen. Sooooooo.... congratulations Edi! You are the winner of the Milo and Molly giveaway! I'll be emailing you shortly!

And to everyone else, have an amazing weekend and happy Friday! Woot woot! :)

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