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Heidi Shenk studio

We all love to get little sneak peeks into the working world of various people, so I thought I'd start capturing some of these moments as I go.

Meet Finley, my studio (and everywhere) cat. He's kind of an ass, if we're being real, but a cute and cuddly ass (is that literally a thing? Probably not. Gross). On a typical day, he'll be climbing around behind the shelving unit as pictured above, tracking inky paw prints across the floor, scaling the tall shelving units in my closet, and doing his general best at trying to prevent me using a mouse and keyboard in a normal manner.

Finn, as I call him for short, is the epitome of that whole "curiosity killed the cat" saying. You may have recognized him from one of my more popular Christmas cards. I've blogged about him before, and I already have a sequel planned for said Christmas card this coming year.

What's going on in your studio or creative space lately?

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