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Design a Day Challenge: Day 19

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Disclaimer: This design was printed with ink that I will not be using again. Am I happy about that? No not really. In fact, I'm super disappointed. I had a bit of an ink emergency. It involved a new recycled ink that I was trying out. As you may know the majority of my paper is recycled and produced using wind power. I am a bit of an environmental tree-hugger-- I'm not going to lie. Even my students call me a tree-hugger, and I accept it for what it is. So I like to offer environmentally friendly products as well. I've accomplished that on the paper front, so I wanted to conquer the ink as well.

It didn't work.

The colors were all messed up.

I did a ridiculous amount of trouble-shooting that involved lots of ink being wasted.

I gave up, for now.

So here is my design--

--but those aren't really the colors they should be. So yeah, I'll give you an update one I get some of those glorious Epson printer cartridges back in my hands. The difference will probably amaze you as much as it amazed me. Let's just say that the pink should be cotton candy pink, the brownish/orange should be a mango orange/yellow, and the blue should be a dark iris purple. And had I used Epson cartridges instead of my poopy recycled cartridges that's exactly what they'd be. Oh boooo. But hope you enjoy the design anyway! :)

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