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Design a Day Challenge: Day 5

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Today's design is one that makes me think of one part crafty quilt and one part vintage postage stamps. Maybe that's because the design features a small patchwork of colors across the header of the note cards and they're punched out stamp style. I again used white linen flat note cards for these guys (are you surprised?) and used some gray satin ribbon to dived off the header. The center patterned paper features a gray/silver accent that has some sparkle of its own-- goes along with the satin ribbon nicely!

The stamp design itself made me want to design these as postcards to pop in the mail, but instead I paired them with a light gray linen envelope for fear that they would get messed up in the mail. Thus the header design rather than a full out patchwork that I had originally intended.

For now, I'll be working on tomorrow's design. I have a busy week ahead, including introducing a new member into our household (more on that later) and a visit from my parents next weekend. This will definitely be challenge to keep up with my design-- here's to hoping I can stick with it! Enjoy the rest of your Sunday and your weekend! I'll be gearing up for week two of summer break! :)

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