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Design a Day Challenge: Day 9

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Apparently running a day behind with posting is the new trend. But don't worry, I'm still on track for my Design a Day Challenge. I had true intentions of getting this design up for you yesterday, but three things caused me to do otherwise.

1. Photoshop crashed.

2. Walking the dog took way longer than it should have.

3. We went to the O's game and between the other two things on this list, I ended up running out of time to actually write my post for the day.

But I am still on track. Have no fear. And the design for yesterday is something that encompasses three things that I already currently design-- note cards, recipe cards, and gift tags. I went with a blue and green bubble design and squeaked out this fun little stationery gift pack. 4 note cards, 4 recipe cards, and 4 gift tags. It's kind of the perfect thing!

And please, don't judge the photos as of late. Like I said, Photoshop crashed. I'm waiting to reinstall until I get a new external hard drive so I don't put so much wear and tear on my MacBook. Hopefully I'll be able to do this soon. For now, I'll just enjoy these bubbles and remind myself that the good news is I didn't lose any files. Be ready for another new design this afternoon!

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