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Design a Day ::: Days 7 & 8

Heidi Shenk

Sunday was a day to unplug. No blogging. So today I'll share both days 7 and 8 for my Design a Day Challenge. Day 6 is single card that I created from some of my leftover scraps. You probably saw cards like this before when I shared the first few that I had made. I've made a few more in the past week. There is something super satisfying about bold blocks in coordinating colors or funky patterns on a clean white background.
Today's design is more blocks of color with a black handwritten "hello" that I created by using my tablet. The original intention was to use four squares of the same patterned card stock that I had left over. I was going to use black pen to write the hello, but decided to do something a bit more uniform and use my tablet. After I had printed the cards with the "hello," I decided against the patterned card stock and made new blocks out of similar textured colored card stock. I like this look a lot more than I liked the original idea. I also like to be able to offer a variety of colors in one set of cards.

What do you think about the "minimalist" look on the second set? I'm kind of liking the less is more approach with these.

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