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Design Study: Bolds

Heidi Shenk "design study" "design"

Baltimore winters are not really something to complain about. We don't get a lot of snow (except for that time we got pounded with two 22 inch blizzards within one week!) and in general, things are a lot better than when I went to school in Syracuse. But now that I'm acclimated to the warm, balmy Baltimore winters, the slightest dip in temperature makes it ok for me to say it's freezing outside. Anyway, these cold temps and rainy days (especially of late) beg for a bit of color. These wonderful bolds helped to warm me up this past week. And there is still part of me that kind of misses walking to class in this every day.

via West Elm
via Pinterest
via Little Dog Vintage
via J. Crew
via Lemon Lime Photography
via sincerely YOU
via notTuesday
via Pinterest
Great color inspiration and certainly a winter warm up! What do you do to beat those cold winter days?

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