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Fall Fashion: Boots

Heidi Shenk "boots" "fashion" "shoes"

With fall comes chilly temperatures and with chilly temperatures comes cold feet. And there is nothing that helps keep my legs and toes more roasty toasty than a pair of boots. Plus, boots are the perfect addition to a fall outfit. So despite having two pairs of boots in the closet at the moment, I've been looking for yet another pair. Boots are expensive, but completely worth it at the same time. After browsing on Pinterest, these are some of the boots I absolutely love right now. Click on the photos to take you to my pins-- hopefully that'll help link you up to these beauties, but it's tough finding the whereabouts of some of this stuff!

I have to say, I absolutely love the look of the chunky knee high socks on those last two. And of course I had to find a few sweet pairs of socks for you as well.

via SmartWool

via Free People
Are you a boots person like I am? What is your favorite fall fashion element?

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