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Football Season Means Heart Attacks

Heidi Shenk "Browns" "football" "Steelers"

Fall means football season. Without my Steelers I wouldn't quite know what to do with myself on Sundays. My dad's family is from the Pittsburgh area, so growing up we always watched the Steelers. I remember enjoying a good Sunday football game just as much as when I was a kid as I do today.

I'm not really sure why I like putting myself through the agony of being a Steelers fan. It usually involves heart attacks. People often tell me "It must be real agony to have won six Super Bowls." But that's just the point. Sure, we've won six of them, but the horrible seasons and games between are enough to make me squirm! Take this weekend for example. A complete self-destruction. I knew within the first two minutes of the game that we'd lost. Such losses usually include unexplainable and absurd number of turnovers that make it appear as though Big Ben were passing on purpose to the other team, stupid penalties, MVP receivers dropping balls left and right, defensive players standing there instead of making sacks, and a general doofus look on all of the players faces. And just when you think the game can't get any worse and a team couldn't self-destruct more than they already have, they find a way to do just that.

And there are rivalries too. The oldest Steelers rival of all is the Browns. Lucky for me, Andrew is from Cleveland. I have to put up with hearing about the stupid Browns all season. During football sesason, most people ask us how we even happened to end up together considering our team affiliations.  And the first question my dad asked him the first time they met was if he was a Browns fan. The first time my extended family met him, they really let him have it. Yet somehow he stuck around.

at Heinz Field
Getting ready for a showdown at Browns Stadium

Football is fun for many reasons-- the competition, the food, the beer, the friends. But most of all it's fun because of this:

via Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
Yes. Nothing is better than watching a Browns quarterback getting sacked.

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