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Friday Links to Love

Heidi Shenk "a few things"

It's hard to believe that the first week of February is over. Just like that. Gone. Time flies during this time of year, and the light at the end of the tunnel is getting brighter. Somewhere in between all of Valentine craziness, I've happened upon a few things for you to enjoy on this Friday.

This song from the new Tedeschi Trucks Band album that came out last Friday puts me in a good mood every time I listen to it.

As mentioned before, the last two weeks have been especially crazy, so when I stumbled up this article about how to treat yo' self without buying or eating anything, I took note and tried to carve out some down time.

My sister posted this article a couples days ago about mistakes artists make to keep them from thriving. I definitely found myself nodding along to a few of these items. They say the first step is admitting that you're doing something. From that point on we can work to improve the things we're doing to hurt ourselves, so this was another reminder of what I can work towards improving.

With the Super Bowl happening this Sunday, I felt that this article about why it's annoying to be a female that gets football. Yes, I love the game. No, I don't need you to explain what's happening. And a hell no to the pink jerseys. I could relate to the writer big time on this one.

While I can't entirely relate to this piece about having a friendship affair, there were bits of it that I could connect to. It's difficult making friends as an adult, and while my husband is definitely my best friend, there's something about having a really close female friend that is much different. I know I've personally told my husband multiple times that I wish I had a female best friend that you can talk to about anything rather than carrying on small talk conversations. And he gets it.

And that's a wrap. I hope you'll enjoy a few of these articles over the weekend. Anyone have any great weekend plans? We're making pulled pork sandwiches and watching the Super Bowl, of course!

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