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Happy Holidays Giveaway

Heidi Shenk "giveaway"

This past weekend, Andrew and I went to see The Book Thief in the theater in Harbor East. As we left the movie theater, we couldn't help but notice that people seemed a little more cheery, more willing to hold doors for others, and in general a bit happier across the board. We decided that it must have to do with the arrival of the holiday season. There is something about the holidays that just seems to make people slow down from their daily lives and really enjoy the here and now. And as we made our observations, we agreed that this sense of happiness is one of our favorite parts about the holiday season.

To spread that holiday cheer, I have teamed up with some fabulous handmade artists and friends for a fun Christmas themed giveaway.

The loot: 1. Felt ornament from My Hideaway  2. Burlap Santa gift bag from Oh Nostalgia Designs  3. Pencil set and 3 Christmas gift cards from Row House 14  4. Your choice of woodcut ornament from Memories for Life  5. 3" heart hoop/ornament from Milo and Molly  6. Christmas keychain pouch from Eyelah
Simply enter through Rafflecopter- one winner takes all! Good luck!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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