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Happy List // 1

Heidi Shenk

I've written lists like this before, but after reading Nicole's list of gratitude yesterday, I decided that I wanted to make this a more regular thing. I'm not going to lie-- while I try to keep an upbeat and positive attitude, sometimes I get stuck in a spiral of negativity because of whatever events are happening in my life behind the scenes. And lately, I've felt a lot of that negativity for a myriad of reasons-- health issues with our pets, some really rude people I've encountered both via customer service and in person, some unexpected change in plans with my business, and a few other things. I'm also sure that part of the negativity comes from the time of year. I've never liked winter, and February is always a tough month to get through with it's last hurrahs of cold and sometimes snow. So in attempt to be more intentional in thinking about the happy stuff, I decided to write a list of 10 happy things.

1 // Listening to a record that took over a year to arrive. Yes, true story. I ordered it from Amazon over a year ago, and it took so long to arrive that I had forgotten I had ordered it. It's finally here and it is a happy surprise.

2 // Homemade tomato soup and grilled cheese sandwiches on a cold, rainy night.

3 // A weekend out of town to see old friends.

4 // Having time to sketch and draw and design new cards.

5 // An unexpected Valentine card and drawing received in the mail from my six year old nephew.

6 // Extra puppy snuggles in the mornings from Lilah. Usually, she picks favorites with Andrew, but she's been extra happy to see me in the mornings lately.

7 // Meets ups with other creative people at coffee shops.

8 // Inspiration for new products and ideas pouring in all at once.

9 // Finding a digital printer that I'm happy with after a two and a half year search.

10 // Leftover tacos and guacamole for lunch.


What things are making you happy these days? Do you make happy lists to help you get out of a funk?

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