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Happy Monday!

Heidi Shenk daily life

This morning I woke up feeling groggy and disoriented. My body is still struggling to get on schedule with Sunday's time change. Even though the clock said 7, my body was telling me that it was 6. I managed to get through a shower despite feeling dizzy and lightheaded-- something I've always felt when I get up too early --and made my way downstairs for breakfast.

En route to the kitchen, I was greeting by Lilah, the happiest chocolate lab you'll ever meet. I had no other choice than to sit down in a chair and spend the next five minutes giving her a few good ear rubs and back scratches. Then it was onward to coffee.

In the moment that I poured my coffee, I set my intentions for the day. On this dreary and rainy Monday morning, I could either choose to be disgruntled about a new work week beginning, or I could look at it as a new opportunity for something exciting. My calendar for the entire day is already full of things that I either love to do or am looking forward to taking on, so I chose the later. And I choose to take on that Monday outlook most weeks.

So many times when Monday rolls around, I hear the inevitable grumbling. Everyone seems to be sad that the weekend is over. Instead of looking forward to the new opportunities that may present themselves in a new week, many look longingly at the days that just passed, unwilling to take on a positive attitude. I'm not sure why this is. Perhaps a large majority of people do work that they don't enjoy? Or maybe they struggle with finding the exciting and positive aspects of a typical work week?

This morning, when I opened my email inbox, I was greeted by an email from a client quickly thanking me for a service. She closed her email with "Happy Monday!" And yes, happy Monday, indeed! It's a time for a fresh start and new beginnings. An opportunity to forget about anything that didn't quite go right the week before. A day on which to enjoy the work that you do and feel lucky to be on this earth. To set your intentions for another seven days of living and being. It's a happy day, indeed.


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