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Happy Mother's Day to My Mother!

Heidi Shenk

I had a chance to go back to Indiana this weekend for Mother's Day, but unfortunately I couldn't take time off from work to go. So I will wish my mother a happy mother's day from afar. I am most certainly my mother's daughter. When I was little, I looked more like my dad. But now, the older I get the more and more I look like my mom. And not only do I look like her, but there are all sorts of other things that I do just like her. I catch myself in the act thinking, I'm just like my mom! I once had someone I didn't know approach me asking if I was my mother's daughter. When I said yes, the woman responded, "I knew you had to be! I heard you laugh and turned around expecting Rachel, but you were the one laughing instead!"

When I was little, my sister and I would tell my mom that she was weird and laugh at her when she mixed up her words (like turk over left key, instead of leftover turkey). We would tell her that her long, skinny fingers were like "witch fingers" or laugh when she danced to the music on the stereo. Now I laugh at myself when I mix up my words (foke it with a pork, instead of poke it with a fork). Andrew tells me that my long, skinny fingers are witch fingers. And I dance around the kitchen to the music on the stereo with no shame. And I'm pretty sure I'm just as weird as she is-- and it's great to be weird!

Aside from being a lot like my mom, I also think a lot of my experiences and interests today have been influenced by her. I love food, art, music, and travel. And she and my father both exposed me to these things from early on. I am grateful for that because I realize that without these things life would be very dull! So from Baltimore to Goshen, happy mother's day, Mama!

My mom and I with the Rachel/Heidi pose at Agawa Rock in Lake Superior Provincial Park in Ontario.

Showing up at my cousin's wedding wearing nearly the same thing.

Hiking Grand Teton mountain in Wyoming.

Riding the train from Paris to Chartres

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