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I'm Not a Gross Person, Really I'm Not

Heidi Shenk "birthday" "cards"

I have to preface this post with this fact: I'm really not that gross of a person. I'm pretty mature, and when I was younger, I was always mature for my age. But my latest birthday card would probably beg to differ, so I have to give fair warning so you won't judge me. So you won't judge me? Agreed?

Honestly, this is how it went down. I was in the car with Andrew and our friend Marshall on our car ride back from Syracuse last month. It was the weekend before Valentine's Day and I was lamenting about how slow my shop was going to become after Valentine's Day. I needed a solution.

Andrew and Marshall thought that the best solution was to come up with a really great card for a year round occasion, such as a birthday. "But I'm really bad with coming up with things to write on cards," I complained. "I mean, the funniest thing I can come up with is 'Happy birthday you old fart!'" Andrew and Marshall then proceeded to make fun of my lack of creativeness. They continued to say I should make that card, but figure out how to include a sound effect. Their next idea was a butt shaped card. That also got nixed. Finally Andrew was like, "Really all you need to do is draw some butt cheeks on there with a fart cloud." The jokes were endless, which is to be expected when you're stuck in a car with two guys that are in their late 20s and are old college friends.

A few weeks passed. Then Sunday night I was working on a bunch of hand drawn projects. I finished a few and showed them to Andrew with his half nod of approval while he sat on the other side of the couch zoning out on the tv. While he wasn't paying attention, I made a quick sketch of the birthday card idea complete with butt cheeks and fart cloud as a complete joke. I immediately began cackling as I looked at my creation. Andrew cocked his head and raised his eyebrow at me as if I had lost my mind, until I showed him the sketch. At that point, we both laughed so hard until we couldn't breath and nearly fell off the couch. From that point on, we conclusively agreed that I had to make the card and sell it in my shop. If we thought it was that funny, then someone else MUST have to think it's funny to. So here goes...

The polls have opened. Hilarious or gross? What do you think?

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