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Heidi Shenk "photography"

The most exciting part of my week so far was Tuesday when a package arrived for me at school. When our secretary called into my classroom letting me know that I had a package, I literally squealed. My macro lens! Woohoo! I had ordered it during spring break and it had just arrived!

After I wrapped things up at school, I headed home to mess around with my new toy. Here are a few shots that I took just for fun.

I am loving this lens! It takes absolutely beautiful close-ups! Next on my wish list is a wide angle lens. I know exactly which one I would like, but need to save just a bit more before I can order it. We're planning a road trip out West to Yellowstone, The Badlands, and Grand Teton National Parks. Each of these parks have amazing photo opportunities and I'm hoping to get a wide angle to maximize some of my shots this time around.

Any new toys for you lately? Are you saving up for something for one of your hobbies?

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