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Introducing Notepads and Planners

Heidi Shenk

They're here! And I'm so excited! I've been working on these new products for well over a month, and they're finally ready to share with you all. Today, in addition to the new weekly notepad planner, I'm introducing two smaller notepads, and a goal planner.

The notepads are 4"x5.5" and are perfect for keeping track of small tasks, jotting down a grocery or errands list, or just taking some quick notes. Each notepad is 50 sheets of high quality paper. While I'm super excited to be able to add these to my line, I'm even more excited for the new goal planner.

Lately, I've needed a little extra motivation and organization to get bigger picture ideas accomplished. I'm the type of person that benefits from writing things down, so I designed this goal planner to help me follow through on larger projects.

The planner is 5.5"x8.85" and also have 50 sheets of high quality paper. You can utilize this in multiple ways. I choose to fill out a sheet and hang it up so that I can visualize multiple goals as I work on them. Others might choose to work on one goal before ripping off the top sheet and moving on to the next.

The goal planner has space for you to jot down ideas, plans of action, obstacles, and even an end reward for accomplishing your goal. There are large and small task checklists that you can check off as you go. Each of these new products was designed in mind to be stylish yet functional and can be paired with the matching weekly calendar notepad.

To celebrate the new launch, you can use the code YAYNOTEPADS to receive 15% off any order of $15 or more from now through tomorrow, Thursday, October 29th. I hope that all of these new products will help you stay organized as you finish out 2015 and as we approach a new year!


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