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Little Talks

Heidi Shenk "music"

I think I overestimated others on their scale of love for music based on the non-participation of my Tuesday Music Party (waaaaaaah wow). So instead of a linky party, I'll just post what I love and hope that you love it too. And if you want to share what you've been listening to, feel free to leave it in the comments-- because seriously people, I always want a few new things to slap on the record player, or stereo, or iPod (whatever you like to use the most... just fill in the blank).

As of late, I find myself wanting to listen to Little Talks by Of Monsters and Men over and over again. I wake up in the morning with it stuck in my head and feel the need to get it out of my system. So I play it once thinking that will do the trick. Instead, I want to hear it again.

And in case you were wondering, this Icelandic band has a lot of other really great songs too. What do you think? I think I may just have to walk my butt down to The Sound Garden on April 3 when their album, My Head is an Animal, comes out.

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