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Heidi Shenk

True story: I was duking it out with Comcast and Verizon for 17 days because we had absolutely no internet. Trying to write blog posts with stolen wifi was pretty much impossible. I mean, photos would take waaaay too long to load. The happy ending is that I now have internet again as of Monday. So, I wanted to drop a quick line to say that I am alive. In addition, there are some fabulous upcoming craft shows that I'll be participating this weekend and later on this month here in Baltimore.

If you're in the Baltimore area and want to shop locally, these holiday markets are fantastic markets to check out. Not only will I be offering my ridiculously hilarious greeting cards, there will be tons of other amazing artists participating as well. Last year, I'm fairly certain that I completed most of my Christmas shopping for my family at Merry Mart.

If you make it out to any of these shows, don't be shy! Introduce yourself and say hi-- I love meeting people from this fantastic city that I call home! :)

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