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Makers Need to Make

Heidi Shenk

I've been going through creative spurts lately. They're these "I want to do all the things" kind of spurts. This is not a recent happening, but rather a cycle I go through every couple of months. I love my business and the creative energy that it produces. I'm constantly trying new things that are related to my cards-- printing methods, design and illustration concepts, color palettes, and so on. But sometimes, my creative energy goes elsewhere and is not focused on my business, and that's ok.

My current conundrum comes down to this-- what if that creative energy feels like its overflowing, if you're filled to the brim, if you don't have enough of an outlet for it all?

Sometimes I think about opening a second Etsy shop for all of that other stuff that I like to do. A shop that I don't need to be fully committed to, but can be a side project or a hobby. Suddenly the possibilities seem endless. A shop filled with small DIY projects that I've taken on over the past few years. A shop that has been beautifully curated with vintage items I've found here and there at various flea markets and thrift stores. Another with photographs from my travels and from my walks through the streets of Baltimore. Maybe one with illustrated posters and prints. Another with all sorts of items made from wood. And next thing I know, I'm dreaming of getting my hands back to working with clay and throwing on a wheel, and I'm reading information about the clay guild in Baltimore.

And here I am, writing. Because writing is on that long list of creative endeavors that often helps me burn up creative energy. But right now, if feels like I'm bursting. And just writing isn't burning up the fuel quickly enough.

I identify as an artist, specifically a maker. And makers need to make. My hands need to create. When that spark ignites, I start looking for ways to share what I'm excited about and ways to let that energy escape. However, I know that I truly can't do all of the things. There's just not enough time in the day. When I come to this realization, I start to feel like a child that is keeping some sort of secret, but so badly wants to burst. Today's post is a ramble, and I knew that it probably would become just that going into it all, but maybe some of you can relate.

Do you ever have too much creative energy? What do you do when you feel as though you're overflowing? Have you ever considered opening another Etsy shop on a whim?


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