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My Style: Tall Goofball

Heidi Shenk "my style"

Tank Top - F21 / Sweater - Free People / Jeans - Gap / Booties - Nine West / Accessories - Nordstrom
There are two things that you should know. 1) I am tall. 2) I am a goofball.

Let's start with number one. 5'10" to be exact. And 6'1" with the booties. I have a tendency to bump my head while getting into the car, especially when I'm wearing heels. It's just one of those things that happens. I laugh about it in the moment. Andrew makes fun of me about it for the next week. You know, the usual.

Now for number two. I have a hard time being serious. My sarcasm is a constant. When I laugh, I cackle. And I bend over to keep myself from falling over from laughing so hard. I like to make weird faces. I am known by my students for my weird faces-- one for every situation that could possibly exist.

So I guess all that just to say that I'm a tall, goofball. And you're welcome for those last two photos.

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