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New Arrivals

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It's been a long process, but they're finally here-- a brand new set of cards has arrived! I'm especially excited about this group because most of them have gone into new territory, which is both terrifying and satisfying at the same time. You may have noticed that I've been going for bigger and bolder designs, filling the card with an image or design as much as possible. Many of these new cards take that to the next level with designs that push white backgrounds to the side and have a full on color explosion.

I like these cards, and I feel comfortable in the designs as if I've finally found my groove. I feel as though I'm getting somewhere with my work, so you'll likely see similar cards to come in the future. They're a departure from what I've designed in the past, and that's the terrifying part. It's scary to change things up so drastically because you never know how people will react. However, so far, through the little glimpses I've shared of this new release, the feedback has been positive.

Part of the shift comes with other aspects of change within my business. This year, I finally found a local printer that was a good fit for my business (after a two year search!), so I started outsourcing many of my print jobs. This has freed up so much time for me to get back to the creative aspects of my business. In addition, it has provided more flexibility in design leaving me with new possibilities and opportunities that I didn't have before. These cards are a direct result.

To celebrate the launch, I'll soon be having an exclusive sale. You can sign up for my newsletter to get in on the details which will be going out on Wednesday. What do you think about the new line? Which are your favorites?


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