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Heidi Shenk "etsy shop"

I am overwhelmed. That, my dear friends, is four greeting cards, two note card sets, one set of Christmas cards, five sets of stationery, and one big custom order. And I made them all in one night. Wait, you mean I'm also a teacher? Whoops. Forgot about that for a second. And by forgot, I just thought you really meant that I was superwoman.

I have to say that while this can be extremely overwhelming to keep up with, I am also overwhelmed in other ways. I am completely overwhelmed by how amazing you all have been in supporting me in this quite possibly crazy business endeavor. In all seriousness, when Andrew convinced me that I should actually start selling my cards instead of hoarding them in our house, I thought he was kind of crazy. I mean, wouldn't I rather end up on that tv show Hoarders for hoarding something as ridiculous as cards? 700 sales later (yes, 700, holy crap-ola!!!) I might have to finally admit that maybe he was a little less crazy than he seemed.

Needless to say, you guys totally rock my socks. Big time. The end.

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