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Heidi Shenk

Rust N Shine Baltimore

Recently, some pretty amazing new places have started popping up in and around my neighborhood, and I've been thrilled to see this happen. Patterson Park and Highlandtown don't have as much to offer in terms of the retail, restaurant, and bar scene in comparison to a neighborhood like Fells Point or Hampden, but we're getting there.

When Rust-N-Shine opened it's doors in September, they so kindly asked if I would be wiling to sell my cards in their shop, and I happily obliged. I am a huge supporter of local businesses, and being a part of a business near my own neighborhood seemed like an amazing opportunity to be part of the wonderful community that exists here.

Rust N Shine Baltimore

Rust-N-Shine is an eclectic vintage goods boutique that offers just about every type of home goods that you could imagine. The small and cozy storefront at Bank Street and Conkling is filled with mid-century furniture, dinnerware, bar ware, vinyl albums, clothing and shoes, lamps, artwork, and all sorts of ephemera that are tucked into every nook and cranny. Each time I have visited, I am instantly drawn to circle the store to hunt for something new because the goods offered so regularly change. And if you see something that catches your eye, it's best to snag it while you can as it just might not be there during your next visit.

Rust N Shine Baltimore

The richly colored, orange storefront door invites you to stop by and is usually flanked by other fabulous finds. As a passerby, it would be hard not to want to take a peek at what is inside. The window of the shop shows off small glimmers of trinkets that are just intriguing enough to pull you inside for a better look.

Rust N Shine Baltimore Rust N Shine Baltimore Rust N Shine Baltimore Rust N Shine Baltimore

During my last visit, my favorite new discovery was a pair of metal filing drawers that were filled with old postcards from all over the country. I happily perused the photos featured on each of the post cards and would probably have left with a sizable stack of them had my husband not been there to stop me.

Rust N Shine Baltimore

Rust-N-Shine makes a wonderful addition to what Highlandtown already has to offer. On a Saturday afternoon, after perusing the shop, you could find yourself wandering down the street to the Highlandtown Gallery and then onward for a drink at The Laughing Pint or Venice Tavern (a hidden gem in itself).

With that said, Rust-N-Shine is well worth the visit and is part of what continues to make Highlandtown an exciting and up and coming neighborhood. I'm happy they're here, and I hope that they offer a glimpse at more of what's to come for our pocket of Baltimore.


Interested in finding out more or following along? Check out Rust-N-Shine on Facebook and Instagram as well.




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