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See What's Shakin' in the Real World

Heidi Shenk

It's been a busy month. School has been exhausting-- field trips to go on, track meets to watch, closing ceremonies to plan, and crazy kids to harness. Then I come home and blog, design, print, score, fold, package. I'm not really sure how many Mother's Day cards I've made up to this point. Not to mention everything else in between.

Yesterday I got a phone call from Andrew around 5 in the evening. "Are you here yet?!" Whaaaaaaat? Oh crap. I forgot. I was supposed to meet him at his office (which just so happens to be in the Inner Harbor) so that we could watch some crazy guy tight rope walk over the harbor. It was one of those moments where I realized I needed to snap out of it. Yes, he was supposed to have reminded me so that I wouldn't forget, but I should have remembered to begin with.

I feel like I've become so consumed with work on all levels that I've literally forgotten to take a step outside and see what's happening. The work I've been putting in has been paying off, but it's causing me to miss out on a lot of other things in life. I struggle constantly with finding balance between work and my personal life. Yet again, I missed something kind of cool (ok, Andrew said it ended up being pretty lame, but that's not the point). The end result was watching a video on his phone of the guy tight rope walking-- back to the virtual world again.

There are so many things to keep up with in an online business-- blogging, twitter, facebook, responding to client emails. Soon I get sucked into a deep, dark hole called my MacBook and try to emerge for dinner and some relaxation right before bed.

The whole thing reminded me of the song Good Excuse by John Butler Trio. (Yes, there is ALWAYS a song for EVERYTHING in my world.)

It's a good reminder that I need to step away from my work every now and again. That it's ok to take a night off to relax. That I need to keep my weekends for myself. That I need to unplug every now and again.

How many of you struggle with finding balance between your work life and personal life? What sorts of things do you do to make sure you have down time and enjoy life?

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