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Southern Sun

Heidi Shenk music

Before anything else, I wanted to say thank you for all of your comments and responses to yesterday's post about adult friendships. I loved hearing all of the different perspectives, and more than anything knowing that we're not the only ones experiencing this weird phase in our lives. A lot of you in your late 20s and early 30s seemed to relate, which seems incredibly indicative to how transitional these years can tend to be. And if I lived closer to you all, I'd hang with you! ;)

I wrote in this week's Happy List about the arrival of my Boy & Bear album that I'd ordered over a year ago. While I'd been listening to the album for quite some time on Spotify and my iPod, it feels like an important album for me and I had wanted to add it to my physical collection.

Many of you know that I spent time living in Australia and also recently traveled back. As a result I often keep an ear out for new Australian music that I wouldn't otherwise stumble upon here in the US. Boy & Bear is one of those bands. I'm not sure what it is that draw me to them so much, but whatever it is I can't put a finger on it other than to say that their sounds is purely Australian. Maybe it's the lead singer's unaffected Australian accent coming through in his vocals, the open and airy sound of their music that makes me imagine driving through the hot desert with the windows rolled down, the carefree and playfulness of it all that reminds me of the wild south pacific ocean. It's hard to conjure up an appropriate description, but as weird as it may seem, I can almost feel that warmth of the southern sun while I listen to their music.

I ordered their second record, Harlequin Dream, last January. For some reason, there was a major delay-- maybe they had to press another batch or hunt down a copy, I'm just not sure, but I forgot that I had ordered it. A little over a year later, it arrived, and at the perfect moment. Here we are, in the last fit of winter, pushing through cold, gray, blustery days, and when the needle dropped on the first track, "Southern Sun," it was almost as if I had been transported back to that strange and beautiful land. This morning, I put the record on for another spin, and as I listened, the sun began to slowly creep out from behind the clouds and blue sky reappeared-- a reminder that warmer days are soon to come.

What are you listening to these days? Are there any albums that transport you to a different place or time within your life?

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