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Speed of Dreams

Heidi Shenk "music"

A few things. First, I want to thank all of you amazing readers for your comments on this post last week. I was completely overwhelmed by the response and loved being able to engage with you guys further on the topic! You've all reminded me why I love this blog community!

Second, I've been missing for a few days, I'm posting late today, and I'm all out of whack! Guess that's what happens when you're given an extra day off over the weekend. I had an amazing Friday and three day weekend. More on that to come!

Third. It's hot. Way too hot. Like 87 degrees in our house hot. Andrew has finally agreed that something MUST be wrong with our central air. Even after suffering a bit (though not quite THIS badly) at the end of last summer. Hopefully he did what he was supposed to and called an HVAC company today during his lunch break.......

Despite the brutal temps in our house at the moment, upon walking in from outside it actually feels mildly cool. This may be hard to imagine, but at the peak of the heat today it was a wonderful 96 degrees without counting the heat index. And anyone not familiar with Baltimore, you must know that the humidity here drives up the heat index to ungodly temperatures. Thankfully, I get to teach in an air-conditioned modular building while the other half of the school had to suffer with broken A/C. But joke was on me when I had to return to a hot house and a furry cat that thought it was a great idea to cuddle in this heat. Gross.

Ok. So enough of my complaining and let's cut to the chase. I'm a seasonal music kind of gal. Growing up in Indiana, we lived in an old house with no A/C so I had to find ways to cool down. One way that helps me to cool down is to get in a cool state of mind. That starts with music. Driving home from the post office this afternoon, I heard one of my latest favorites on the radio. It's an effortless and relaxed sounding tune from ALO. Maybe it was really the cool air in the car, but when Speed of Dreams hit the airwaves, I could have sworn I felt a cool summer breeze blow in from the ocean. An instant cool down.

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