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Surprise Mail

Heidi Shenk "six degrees of separation"

Had you forgotten about my little snail mail experiment? I had. In fact I had almost entirely given up hope that anyone would come through for me. I got home from a long day of teaching last week, checked the mail and found this:
I thought absolutely nothing of it since I tend to get snail mail here and there from friends and family. I didn't pay attention to the post mark and thought maybe it was an invitation to a friend's wedding or something of the sort. So I opened the envelope...
...and I became very excited when I saw this:

The first card had made its way back to my house! Its final route? Baltimore to Connecticut to Rhode Island to New York City to California and finally back to good old Charm City.

I am beyond thrilled that I got one of the ten cards back since I had quickly given up on the whole experiment. This has kept my hopes alive, and I'm crossing my fingers that I'll at least get one or two more in the mail. Of course, I will most definitely keep you all updated if another one come my way. Keep your fingers crossed for me! :)
--------------------------------------------------------------------------------- P.S. The winner of the Loralyn Designs giveaway is commenter #18, Shirley! Congrats Shirley! I'll be in touch with you via email shortly!

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