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Syracuse Weekend

Heidi Shenk "syracuse"

Hello there! I'm back from what I expected to be a cold and snowy winter wonderland. But instead, as we drove up to Syracuse, we were greeted by not a single bit of snow on the ground. My first reaction was that something must truly be wrong with the world if there is no snow in Syracuse.

We spent Friday night eating pizza at Varsity and hanging out at one of our old college bars with some friends.

Saturday, we enjoyed a latte and cappuccino at Freedom of Espresso, the coffee shop I used to work at back in the day. Then we spent the late morning on campus before heading to the Carrier Dome for a basketball game.

Saturday night, we enjoyed dinner and drinks at Empire Brewing Company followed by a pint at The Blue Tusk. It was an enjoyable long weekend, but it flew by much more quickly than expected. And now we're back in Baltimore, diving right back into another week of work. Hope you all had wonderful weekends as well!

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