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I Finally Admit It

Heidi Shenk "fashion" "shoes"

Last Thursday night I busted out a super cute outfit for school that was perfect for the arrival of spring. I pulled out a pair of wedges that I'd been dying to wear again, but was waiting for the right weather and outfit. I got home, kicked off my wedges at the spot where we leave our shoes and enjoyed the rest of my evening.

For the last hour of the night, I decided to be lazy on the couch and watch some tv. As I came up our basement steps and into the living room while heading to bed, there on the living room rug, I saw Lilah sitting with both of my wedges, munching on the back of one of them. Immediately, she knew she was in trouble, and she ran down the basement stairs to her daddy, Andrew, to be consoled. Andrew, realizing what had happened, was not going to have it, and upon Lilah realizing her predicament she went right to her crate for bedtime.

I went upstairs, infuriated, and literally threw my shoes into the closet hoping that maybe the next morning the leather would magically be healed with no sign of a dog's destruction. And then I cried. Yes, I cried over that pair of shoes. And, yes, I finally admit it, this is not the first time I have cried over shoes. I cried the first, second, and third time previously that Lilah destroyed a pair of my shoes. She seems to especially like my shoes. Not Andrew's. Only mine. But she hadn't destroyed either of our shoes, or anything for that matter, for over a year. Thus, I thought I was in the clear.

But there is a happy ending to this sad, sad story. And that happy ending comes in the form of not one, but two new pairs of shoes. And again I must make an admission, that maybe, just maybe Andrew is right in calling me Imelda.

And then I got this super awesome package in the mail at school the other day.

You may have seen my joyous remarks about said package here and here. And now if you're in love with these just as much as I am, you can get yourself a pair (or two) as well. Just click through the photos to get to the shoes (if you're not a big fan of yellow, there are other fun colors as well!).

Any new pairs of shoes you just love these days? The best part of both of these is that they are super comfy! What types of shoes are you shopping for lately?

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Fall Fashion: Boots

Heidi Shenk "boots" "fashion" "shoes"

With fall comes chilly temperatures and with chilly temperatures comes cold feet. And there is nothing that helps keep my legs and toes more roasty toasty than a pair of boots. Plus, boots are the perfect addition to a fall outfit. So despite having two pairs of boots in the closet at the moment, I've been looking for yet another pair. Boots are expensive, but completely worth it at the same time. After browsing on Pinterest, these are some of the boots I absolutely love right now. Click on the photos to take you to my pins-- hopefully that'll help link you up to these beauties, but it's tough finding the whereabouts of some of this stuff!

I have to say, I absolutely love the look of the chunky knee high socks on those last two. And of course I had to find a few sweet pairs of socks for you as well.

via SmartWool

via Free People
Are you a boots person like I am? What is your favorite fall fashion element?

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Fall Fashion and Decor Round-Up

Heidi Shenk "decor" "fashion" "home"

With the start of school delayed yet another day, I had the chance this morning to take in part of my fall fashion magazine issues. Last night was a beautiful, fall-like night which is rare for August in Baltimore. Fall is my favorite season because the temperatures are always just right and the colors just gorgeous. If we're lucky, we'll have another beautifully long fall season ahead. Here are some things that make me think fall.

Long sleeve shirts and sweatshirt weather. This seems perfect to throw on when the night air gets cool.

via Anthropologie

A coral take on the nautical stripes.

via Ruche

A rich colored, crocodile-embossed handbag.

via Michael Kors

Fall-like colors for the bedroom.

via West Elm

Rich walnut tones and dark teal. I seriously want this for my imaginary entry way that doesn't exist since I live in a row house.

via Jonathan Adler

A good pair of boots is always a fall must.

via Frye

And don't forget to prepare your dinner table for fall as well.

via Pottery Barn
What lovely fall items have you been looking at these days?

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High Fashion Houndstooth Inspiration

Heidi Shenk "design" "fashion" "stationery"

It's not the first time I've been inspired by fashion. Remember these cards? This time I was inspired by shoes. Not just any shoes either, but Salvatore Ferragamo houndstooth pumps that I am drooling over.

You all know by now that I have a love for shoes, and I seriously would be a happy woman if I could add these to my collection. I love something a bit crazy and these definitely would do the trick! The sticker price on these? $951.00!

So I decided to get a little bit of houndstooth into my life without the sticker shock.

I think these do the trick for now, but I'll be spending the rest of the morning surfing the web for a pair of houndstooth pumps that are about a tenth of the cost of the Ferragamo pumps. I'll let you know if I find them. :)

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Fun and Fashionable Finds for a Super Cute and Awesome Nephew

Heidi Shenk "Etsy" "fashion" "kids" "t shirts"

So I only see my year and a half old nephew Jasper once in a while as he lives across the country in Colorado and here I am in Baltimore. But when I do see him, I have to say he is one pretty awesome kid. I am not by any means a person that loves babies or even kids under three, but how can you resist a rowdy little guy with crazy bright blond hair? (I am sure my sister feels otherwise about that rowdy part at times).

The past few weeks I've been browsing Etsy for some fun stuff to send his way. Despite the distance, I can't help but want to be the aunt that spoils him just a little bit. I really do mean a little bit too, considering that if I bought everything that I saw on a whim, I would be broke. Last weekend I found this fun guitar t-shirt from Pony and Poppy. Amy, the shop owner was super awesome and even included a little note from Aunt Heidi. My sister got the tee a few days ago and said that Jasper loves his new shirt.

Here are a few more graphic styled fashionable finds for rowdy little dudes like Jasper. Enjoy!

Etch A Sketch Robot Tee from Rock River Tees
Fox Long Sleeved Organic Shirt by Wren Willow
Beaver Strikes Back Lightsaber Tee by Happy Family

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