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Thanks UPS-- Just kidding

Heidi Shenk

So what happens when you order envelopes from a company that won't let you ship to your work and you have to ship to your house? Well, you assume that UPS will leave one of those sticky notes on your door that they usually leave telling you that they tried to deliver your package, but that you weren't home. Then you can go pick up the package later that evening. That's what usually happens, right?

Try again. They'll deliver your package to your stoop in the middle of Baltimore despite the fact that no one is home. And then this is what happens...

Your package gets stolen. And if you're lucky enough, the thief will return it, resealed with duct tape, after he realizes that the box only contained a bunch of envelopes.

Even Finn (see left of photo) thinks that's a pretty bad cover up wrapping job. Thanks UPS. Thanks. And thank you thief for being at least somewhat honest and returning my envelopes.

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