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The New Notebook Line is Here!

Heidi Shenk "etsy shop"

One of the most fantastic feelings is having a creative vision and the end result becomes just as you had imagined. Over the past few weeks, I had been brainstorming new product ideas for my shop. Many of you mentioned that you love notebooks. I have to admit, I'm a notebook fanatic as well, keeping many on hand to make lists, jot down ideas, and sketch. I began doing research to find the best possible materials for what I had in mind. I wanted the notebooks to be stylish, whimsical, inspirational, environmentally friendly, yet affordable at the same time. I began sketching and designing the covers and waited for the rest of the materials to arrive. The end result is a line of notebooks that I feel have pushed me to become better at my craft.
Each notebook has been made of 100% recycled paper-- card stock, blank pages, and chipboard backing. The quality of the paper is some of the best I have worked with and has inspired many other ideas to evolve from this project. Each notebook has been cut, punched, and bound by me, making them a serious labor of love.
You can now view the entire line of notebooks in my shop here.

Now that my notebook line is finally complete, I will be turning my focus to a new line of cards that I hope to launch soon as well. I have a couple more fun ideas for future products for my shop, but would love to know what you guys would be interested in!

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