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The Rifle's Spiral

Heidi Shenk "music"

Some songs are meant to be happy songs, but they can't be happy all of the time. I remember my mom telling me once that she couldn't listen to the Pink Floyd album Division Bell because it was too depressing. Depressing it may be, but sometimes good music is just good music even if it is a bit on the dark side.

Case in point, one of the songs from The Shins' newest album Port of Morrow. The title track The Rifle's Spiral is such a great song. And the video, just as awesome. But listen to the lyrics and it's definitely a bit on the dark side. Some recent interviews with James Mercer, the lead singer, revealed that the song was about religious violence. However, despite it all the title track of this album immediately propels us into a great set of tracks.

What have you been listening to lately?

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