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Things I Don't Get

Heidi Shenk daily life

Things I Don't Get

Being trapped in my house for a few days due to a blizzard gives me plenty of time to contemplate all of those random things in life. And so, I present to you, perhaps a new series-- Things I Don't Get.

1 // I don't get why some people's only mode of communicating is yelling. I think we all know the type. The people that can't talk to their spouse, but yell at them instead. The people that could say something nicely to their kids, but do it by yelling instead. I just don't get it. Aside from coming off like an ass, wouldn't you feel perpetually angry from all that yelling?

2 // I don't get why anyone would need three closets for their clothes. I saw a blog post about needing three closets, and it freaked me out. First of all, who can even afford that many clothes?! I sure can't! Second of all, even if I could afford that many clothes, why the heck would I want that many clothes? I already have a hard time deciding what to wear in the morning. Why would I want to make it even harder for myself? I think I'll stick to my tiny row house, midget sized closet with my basic wardrobe.

3 // I don't get why people open Etsy shops before they know how to make what they want to sell. Aren't Etsy shops usually the progression from-- Oh wow, I'm getting really good at this. Maybe I should start selling it. Not the other way around, like-- I want to have an Etsy shop so I need to learn how to make something. Am I the only one that doesn't understand the thought process?

4 // I don't get people who don't use plates. My husband is a huge offender, and he knows I'm putting this out there because I told him this morning. He likes to put his toast on the counter and eat from the counter instead of a plate. I've known other people to do the same, and I just don't get it. Plates mean that you're not leaving crumbs all over the house. Or, if you have a mishap while eating things don't fall on the table, counter, or your lap. Instead, they fall on your plate. Seems like common sense to me.

5 // I don't get why people like winter. During this blizzard event, I've had several people try to convince me that winter is actually awesome. I don't understand what is so awesome about it. It's cold. And then if it snows as well, you end up with cold, wet snow in your shoes after being outdoors. And you get those clumps of cold, wet snow stuck inside your gloves after they inexplicably got there despite you being really careful about not getting snow up your gloves and sleeves. And then, because of said cold, wet snow, it's even more cold. No thanks.

Is anyone else with me on these things? What are some things that you don't get? I feel like asking that question is setting me up for responses like, "I don't get people who don't get why people like winter." Happy Tuesday, dear friends!

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